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HCA stands for Hell Let Loose Competitive Association. It is an association of teams from around the world whose goal is to have well curated and broadcasted competitive Hell Let Loose matches.


The HCA is managed nominally by “The Line”, a North American community, but includes staff from other communities around the world. In the interest of serving the community, each participating team submits representatives who vote on a variety of matters pertaining to the tournament.


The HCA works closely with the organizers of the HLL Seasonal tournament ( for match scheduling, as well as rules and statistics compatibility.

 structure &roles

HCA’s team includes organizers, developers, content creators, steamers/match commentators from a myriad of communities. The role of organizers is to work with team representatives to determine match structure, organize votes concerning rules and regulations, manage organizational finances (donations and prize pool), and manage the Discord.


HCA Developers work on and manage the backend of the HCA website, manage self hosted Discord bots, and implement backend match statistics-related projects.


HCA content creators work on multilingual content for the HCA blog, with a focus on teams, matches, and metas. Finally, streamers and match commentators cover matches in a live format and conduct outreach to the greater HLL community.


Click the PDF icon below to download the HCA's 2022-2023 rulebook. Within you will find all the details regarding our competition for the forthcoming season. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to HCA organizers via our official Discord server.

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